The Application

A mobile based platform where residents can engage with their community and can either benefit from it or help the other residents in their day-to-day work like renting them seldom used commodities, help them move, provide professional help with software help etc. The users can subscribe to the categories they can provide help and feedback for the same will be provided.


The Challenge

Creating a design vision of a service , interface, object, intended to support the idea of utilizing or consuming local resources rather than global resources, in a sustainable and environmentally efficient manner.

Problem Statement

The residents of the same housing communities are not familiar with each other and they require assistance in their day-to-day work and they ask help from other residents for the same.

Personas and Scenarios

The interviews and surveys were conducted to find the opinion, ideas and similarities required for design. This gave a clear view of what user expects or understands from the design vision.

Paper Prototyping

Paper prototype helped in demonstrating the behaviour of interface early in the development and test designs with real users. The "usability testing" was used for evaluation and to collect feedback from the users. Since the design was initial prototype the desired changes were made and new prototype was created for further testing.

Initial Prototype

This was the simulation or sample version of the final productand was used for testing before the release of final product. The interactive prototype opened lot of possiblities for both the users and testers as the users could experience the working of the application with the help of some realistic interactive prototypes.

Work in Sketch

Final Prototype

The final design was based on the feedback earned from the users during usability testing. It was found that trust issues might arise while lending the product so to resolve this the feedback section was added which was appreciated by the users.

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